Where the Newest Painting(s) are Shown!

(With A Little Social Commentary to go with it.)


Women’s issues have been very important to me for many years
& lately those issues have really been addressed publicly & discussed
so my brushes have been working overtime to address them. I am
doing the only thing in my power to broadcast them-paint about them!


Do TheyFinallyGetIt?


1. The Fabric of Life – (A) Frayed Soul • 44″ X 16″ • Acrylic/MM on Canvas
This painting was created in regards to the #MeToo sexual harrassment crisis going on today. Hopefully something will come out of it because I have had my own experience with that topic. It is time for it to stop. It is time for those who hold POWER to stop taking advantage of those below them on the totem pole. It needs to stop and women need to be believed!
2. Do They Get It Yet? • 24″ X 20″ • Acrylic/MM on Canvas
I am a feminist and every year I try to paint several paintings about equality and empowerment of women. This painting, with string circling around the sides and bottom of the canvas references that women have been harrassed from the beginning of time til now. I make the statement, “This is my body. It belongs to me.” And I want to know if today is the end and we finally get justice and change? Or will this die out because people quickly go onto the next issue. Keep Fighting Sisters…Let’s Make This Happen.
3. Who Are You? • 24″ X 24″ • Acrylic/MM on Canvas
Who are you, really? We are all so dictated by peer pressure to be everything that we aren’t. And at a younger and younger age! Why don’t we start teaching and accepting people to be who they really are. Be authentic to yourself and be happier.