Have You Ever Been in a Movie on HBO?

Well my art is going to be in a MOVIE on HBO! WOW!  The movie is a series called “Banshee” premiering this Fall on HBO.  There will be 10 episodes and the art festival scene, which my art will appear in, will be in the 5th episode.  It is being shot at the courthouse in Monroe, NC on Tuesday; June 4, Wednesday, June 5; and Thursday, June 6.  The artists participating had to set up Monday and take down on Friday.

Each artist had to set up a fake booth of their wares as if in a real art festival.  As I am not a festival artist, it took me all last week to get my stuff together and make it appear as if I was a seasoned, fake festival entrepreneur.  To limit my already escalating stress levels due to time restraints, I focused on showing just my greeting cards and fine art prints based on my floral paintings, and throwing in some mosaics for good measure.

What was involved with setting up my fake festival booth you ask?
First I had to contact a fellow artist who also did festivals to get the fast, condensed version of suppliers and set-up know how.  For grids, that I will probably never use again, I went to a display supplier.  That was a big mistake as I ended up buying all the cool little gadgets that go with the grids even though I just mentioned that I will probably never use them again!   It was an impulse sale!

Then I went out and bought inexpensive, large frames for several large prints to set up on easels and then proceeded to put those together without doing damage to the glass or myself.  While I was at the store a 40″ X 30″ frame with glass fell from a top shelf and missed me by an inch of my life.  Glass all over, employees running to my rescue, you get the picture.  I proceeded to make epson prints instead of putting in fine art prints in the sleeved mats, as I had no way of knowing what the weather was going to be like while they were in place under the tent or what protection they would have from the elements.  Hot, humid weather is not kind to paper (or canvas for that matter).  Framing some of my other prints in various funky, inexpensive frames took another shopping spree and the purchase of additional useless items along the way.  Within the first 10 minutes of setting up the booth and unpacking, one of the the set helpers dropped one of my mid-size frames and banged it up it up pretty good.  I then proceeded to hide my one, expensively framed, fine art print image that I thought I would throw in the mix just in case . . . in case of what I do not know!

One of the set directors immediately came over when I arrived and showed me to my tent while advising me which way to face everything to get the best advantage for their cameras.  Everyone was so helpful.  They even weighed everything down with silver-colored bricks so my easels and grids wouldn’t topple over.  They use a lot of plastic tie strips to fasten everything down securely. It was an exciting venture and I learned a lot about festival set ups and how they set up a shoot.  And I was amazed how much I accomplished in less than a week to put this all together. When I look at the photo, it looks so simple but it was a lot of matting, framing, planning and shopping. BTW, if anyone wants to buy once-used grids, let me know. And all those accessories to go with it!

The other artists participating in my area of the fake festival are Marcee Musgrove with her lovely scarves, Flavia Lovatelli showing her paper sculptures and paintings and Chris McIntosh with his paintings. Good News: Our set director sent us good tidings last night expressing that everyone loved our booths including the director and producers!

Make sure you stay tuned for the 10 episodes of “Banshee” on HBO in the Fall.  And if you are interested in original paintings, prints or greeting cards of my art, contact me at jlw at joycewynes dot com.

Author: Joyce Wynes

Fine Artist and Illustrator

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