YOUTH…Can We Recapture It?

Isn’t that something most of us would like to recapture?  A time when everything seemed slower and enjoying the excitement of each new adventure.  A time of playing, learning, listening and most of all, free time.

Sure, there were also the other stuff common to most families but those things taught us how to cope with life and make decisions.  For me that is what I recapture in my non-representational abstract paintings.

I was fortunate (and give thanks to my mother every day) because my mother taught me how to sew and quilt at a young age.  It inspired a unconcious love of symbols, lines, patterns, shapes and textures that I recognized when I started painting my non-representational abstracts in 2010. The creativity, freedom and inspiration that I had been given at that tender age working with fabric opened up my world then but is now being captured on my canvases. Below is a sampling.


Emotional Reactions 3         Emotional Reactions 4
These are part of an 8-painting series called “Emotional Reactions”

MovingSpaces1_Sm       MovingSpaces2_Sm
Moving Spaces 1                      Moving Spaces 2
Another series that is still in progress.

Have I recaptured my youth?  Not all of it, but I believe I have recaptured some of the best parts of it.  Please look  on my website to view my newest work in the coming weeks.  Some are uploaded but some are still being photographed.  And some are still on the easel being completed. You will see a lot of new paintings in the abstract section and small abstract section.  You can also go to my site on Xanadu Gallery and Saatchi Online (can order prints on paper and canvas) to view my work. How have you recaptured some of your youth and used it in your world today?

Author: Joyce Wynes

Fine Artist and Illustrator

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