QueenCharlotteCrossroadsSmMy painting, “Queen Charlotte” that I painted several years ago as a commission for Crossroads Charlotte, was chosen in a “Call for Artists” by the Charlotte Business Journal to appear on the cover of their “Book of Lists 2013”. The “Book of Lists” is a yearly magazine that lists the industries and businesses in Charlotte and is given out during the coming year to current and new subscribers.

Queen Charlotte is holding a plant container with flowers inside representing government, education, business and religious organizations working and growing together in Charlotte.

The Charlotte Business Journal will hold a private reception at the Knight Gallery on December 12 that the artists are invited to and can display their art that was chosen for the magazine.

I was chosen last year for my “Camden Scene” to begin the section for Healthcare section in the Book of Lists 2012″.  I am honored to grace the cover this year.  To view more of my work please go to my website.  Also look at the events/news section to read about the 3 exhibitions I am juried into for the current month and into January 2014.  Thanks to all of my supporters.

Author: Joyce Wynes

Fine Artist and Illustrator

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