Does the Name of a Painting Have Any Significance To You?

Artists have been naming their paintings for a long time.
Some just label them untitled and number them and leave it at that.

A Most Difficult Task . . .
I find that it is one of the most difficult things I have to do for my non-representational, abstract paintings when they are finished.  Looking at it for a long time, pondering different words that I associate with the painting, I finally arrive at a name that means something to me but will it mean something to you.

But does the name of a painting have any  significance or is it meaningful to the viewers?
And should the artist give any thought to whether it might have any meaning for the viewer or buyer, as long as, the viewer finds their own special meaning in the painting itself?  It would be helpful for artists to know what you think.

What would you  NAME THIS PAINTING?
The painting below is a new painting I just finished and I would like to test this out.  It has not been professionally photographed yet but I am having a harder  time then usual coming up with what to name it.

Please comment in the reply section if you have any name suggestions for my painting and help me out.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions and I will announce your name and website if I use your name.  It will be interesting to see what your vision or interpretation of the painting is.  And if we are on the same wave length.

Participate in the poll below to give your opinion about whether a name is an important component of an art piece.  The results will be posted and you can look up the results yourself.

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Author: Joyce Wynes

Fine Artist and Illustrator

11 thoughts on “Does the Name of a Painting Have Any Significance To You?”

  1. Names are important and significant. Just like I wouldn’t name your child or your dog for you, I cannot name this painting because I did not make the meaning you did. While you were painting, what did you think about? What emotions came up? You made a lot of decisions as you were working–those Xs on the left are different from the ones across the diagonal. You thought about that, and you might have thought, “These are outlined and these show the underpainting,” and maybe you had a thought about what that meant in your life. We don’t find meaning in life, we make meaning, and when we make meaning, that often leads to a meaningful name! Much success with this process.


  2. Joyce, I find your work very interesting. There is a comfort, a homeyness, the feeling of love and care in your work. I would like to know more about your thought process in painting this. If it were mine, I’d name it “Patchwork” and do a series of patchwork paintings, with each one having an individual name or number, but all a part of the series. Each one having a special “patchwork” meaning. Curious to hear more! Good luck! Sherry Reese


    1. That is really interesting because I was going to call it Patchwork Painting because one of my main influences is my sewing and quilting experiences as a young girl with fabric. If I do a series of them, I can number them. For my thought process and influences you can go to my website to view “About the Artist” section because I just updated it and it explains much about my inspirations and beginnings. Thanks so much for your input.


    1. Thanks Jody. My mother was the one who started my adventures into art. At a young age she sat me at an old Singer Sewing machine and taught me how to sew. By the time I was a teenager I was sewing my own clothes and designing my own pattern pieces or modifying the ready-made ones. Fabric is where I found my love of patterns, shapes, symbols, textures, lines and taking all that and reshaping it into something different. I owe my mother big time for setting me on the path I am now. I will keep your name in my file because for sure I have to name one of my paintings after her.


    1. I like your suggestion. I usually don’t have as much problems with the name as I did this time. Maybe painter’s block. I thought of Patchwork Pleasures but I really like yours and since I haven’t posted it anywhere officially yet, I just might use that. Thanks.


  3. By the way (I may have mentioned this in one of the workshops you attended), when I was managing Blue Spiral 1, I often witnessed how the title of works caused viewers to look closer. And many times a looker became a buyer!


  4. The name I chose for the painting, “Who Doesn’t Love Spring?” came from Wendy H. Outland, whose company I used several years ago for an art consultation on my work. Her company, “Who Knows Art” consults to visual artists and arts organizations and more info on the services offered can be viewed on the website Thanks Wendy for the great suggestion.


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