Thinking About an Art Studio Remodel? (or Office Redo?)

In the Fall of 2013, I decided I needed a larger space for my art studio.  There was clutter everywhere and not enough storage space to hide it.  I don’t know about you but I can’t think properly or efficiently when I am surrounded by “STUFF”.

And, it was all necessary “STUFF” for my art creations, although my family would tell you otherwise.  I work out of my home because I get more done there than anywhere else.  Yes, I am one of those people who is focused & disciplined enough to work from home.  I work best when painting if I am alone.

My art studio was in a small space and had french doors leading out to a lovely, covered porch with all the trimmings.  But as I mentioned, I outgrew the space so bye, bye porch view.  It is now a guest room with a porch.

I had another spare room that was very large so I decided to switch rooms.  What a process that was because you had to store things in a 3rd room and the halls to do whatever had to be done to those 2 rooms being switched for 4-8 weeks!

My advice:  1st step would be to sit down and think about and list your major annoyances and problems with your current space.  For me, 2 things stood out that were major problems standing in my way of concentrating on creating paintings.  A 3rd item had to be addressed to have efficient light.


1st Problem: Having canvases stacked everywhere was driving me crazy and impeding moving around in my studio.  Everywhere I turned I was bumping into canvases, blank and painted.  So my plan had to include deep cupboards or cabinets with moveable shelves (floor to ceiling) to accommodate the different sizes of canvases to get them out of my way.

The 2nd problem was the many printers (3) and 1 scanner that I needed for my business and the space they were taking up on desks, tables and elsewhere.  So I devised a plan to have one of the cupboards have pull-out shelves so that I could hide them and have them organized in 1 place.  Of course, this meant that I had to think about where the holes had to go to plug everything in and not have cords all over the place.  That was actually the hardest part before having everything built, making sure that everything had a place to be plugged in.

The 3rd problem was lighting.  The new room had 1 window and I didn’t want to have lamps all over the place so I researched my options.  I decided on a solar tunnel.  The 1st one they installed was too small.  The 2nd one was okay but when the sun isn’t shining it doesn’t give off enough light.  So I now have to have an electrician come and attach a light fixture inside the solar tunnel so that I have light on dark days and at night.

Even though I started in the Fall, it wasn’t totally completed until December.  Except for the lighting situation that is.  So plan on disruption for several months and a lot of clutter.  It is amazing how much “STUFF” I collect because I just might need it someday.

All in all, I love my new space and hardly ever want to leave it.  That is because I designed it with ME in mind.   Again, my advice is to think before you leap and decide what would work for you so that you can work without all the hassles of distractions.  Distractions are different for everyone.  My distraction is clutter and disorganization.  I can work with some clutter but it has to apply to the current painting I am working on, not something that has to stay there for the end of time.  But please note that my space does not look as clutter-free as the photos above.  My space looks very messy when I am painting.

Please share this with your people if it was helpful for you, especially those that would have need of this information.  And follow me on my blog and sign up for my newsletter (on the top, right-hand column).  You can view my paintings at my website.

Author: Joyce Wynes

Fine Artist and Illustrator

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