Stuck on that “MOTHER’S DAY” Gift Idea?

Mother’s Day is a special day to remember a mother in your life.
Do they like FLOWERS?  Do they like GARDENING?
You can’t go wrong with flowers.  So how about flowers that last forever?
And how about unique, fantasy flowers that are inspired by my garden?

I guarantee that it is a one-of-a-kind flower and
will never be grown in anyone else’s garden!
But the best part is that your gift will be appreciated forever by the recipient.
And it can be matted and framed right on the site before it is sent out!
But you better hurry so that it can get there in time.

And, if you are a collector, you can buy the original painting.
Look to see if it is still for sale.  I would be honored for you to own
and collect my work.

Go to my Saatchi website portfolio and if the non-representational abstracts are the only ones on the page then in the Search for box in the right hand top corner, type in Joyce Wynes Flowers.

Please share this information with a friend who needs some suggestions.  And join my community by following my blog and signing up for my newsletter.
Thank you for your support and suggestions.  It means a lot to me.
Let me know if you have any questions for me below.

Author: Joyce Wynes

Fine Artist and Illustrator

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