Bright, Bold, Colorful, Flat, Semi-Abstract to Abstract, Stylized, Contemporary Images in Acrylic on Canvas . . . that is her world of ART

HAPPY Art w/a Social Conscience

Did you ever wish that you could recapture the carefree, playful, questioning feelings of your childhood?  That is what happens to me every time I put brush to canvas.  My Acrylic/Mixed Media paintings are a reflection of carefree memories and internalized images, flavored by my still apparent “childhood” playful influences.  Bold colors and stylized, primal subjects in both representational and non-representational abstracts have entertained my collectors for years.

When asked about the vivid colors, I have to say that my work is deeply connected to my early life experiences – I find daily inspiration from my young, boundless obsession with fabrics and sewing including quilting.  That period created my avid interest in patterns, textures and attention to color and grouping of various elements together in a way that works well together.  I am forever grateful for my Mother’s influence: she sat me down at the age of nine on an old foot-treadle Singer Sewing Machine and encouraged my artistic nature to create outside of the sewing patterns she bought for me.  I always had to re-invent and re-design everything.

Today, I find great comfort when these dramatic colors burst into being.  My influence is Pablo Picasso. And as a women, I am drawn to express my observations about women’s rights issues in some of my paintings.  This is noted in my more representational paintings including women, hands, and flowers which are painted in a slightly abstracted, semi-representational mode. Most of my paintings contain social statements as well about society today and the issues we face.   The influences are always there, and expressed in bold colors.

I am hopeful, and mindful, that my abstract paintings will likely be more about the viewer and their impressions especially the paintings that are non-representational.  And that is how it should be when a person views a painting. They should have their own connection and memory that it recalls.

I am pleased to have seen my abstracts grace homes with a wide variety of decors.  Just as I broke out of the patterns in my sewing adventures and keep expanding on them, my collectors break out of patterns when displaying my work.  They describe their attraction as undefinable, but compelling and happy.  I think that is what is in my soul when creating the abstracts – compelled to create without definition and always experimenting.


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