About My Art

Bright, Bold, Colorful, Flat,  Semi-Abstract, Stylized, Contemporary Images in Acrylic on Canvas . . .

My paintings are highly personalized, internalized images that have a deep connection to my life experiences. The images I create are symbolic to events and interests that have shaped my life. In earlier years, as a quilter, I developed an avid interest in patterns, shapes, color combinations and designing these elements in a way that worked together in groups. Distilling the subject of each painting into its simplest elements, as I would in creating a quilt, I then [re]form the images to provoke an emotional and creative response for both myself and the viewer. With the addition of texture in some of my paintings, a visual tension occurs, calling forth exciting emotions on its own. My work is recognized for its highly evolved style – combining bold, vibrant, stylized compositions with my own unique perspective.

In my world of art it is all about women, hands, flowers and recently, organic, abstract shapes.

Marching for the women’s movement in the late 60’s and 70’s, those experiences take shape in many of the figurative paintings I create expressing my feelings about societal reactions and biases toward women and their relationships to the world today. The nudes make a strong statement in their simplicity.

Hands play an important part in the artististic expression of the world as I see it. The way they are placed, their actions (reactions), and the way they are accessorized says so much to the observer. The hand paintings, while funky and fun, represent our frantic lifestyles. It can feel like everyone is reaching for you for one reason or another.

Gardening teaches me about growth, the circle of life and the boldness and fragility of life and death. The flower images are an expression of that knowledge.

The organic, abstract shapes express a psychological tendency of human behavior, through the use of line, color and form, to show how people can cross the boundaries and interact in other environments but, in most cases, stay in their own comfortable spaces.

Art intends to record and change history through its viewing.  My goal is that my paintings do that, especially my painting on women’s roles in contemporary society.   To see my portfolio go to http://www.joycewynes.com

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