Artist Statement

StylizedContemporary Paintings
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas
. . . That is My Art

My paintings have always been acrylic, abstracted and stylized.
However, in the last 6 years, they have evolved from not only representational but to non-representational as well. The subjects I paint are hands, figurative and floral. The non-representational abstracts are non-subjective, but that doesn’t mean that the painting lacks a meaning or a story to tell. The meaning follows through for me by the time I am finished with a painting. What is most important for me, however, is that the viewer finds their own meaning and witnesses it every time they look at it.

My love affair with shapes, symbols, patterns, textures and bold colors took shape when I was a child of nine.
My mother sat me down at an old, foot-pedal, Singer Sewing Machine and taught me how to sew. By the time I was a teenager, I was making most of my own clothes and creating or modifying the patterns as well. And that is how it all began, my trip into the art world, beginning with that old sewing machine. But it was not to be in the textile field. That was just my mentoring process into the world of all these wonderful elements that led eventually to my non-representational, abstract paintings.

The meaning of these paintings represent happenings in society today.
In college I became fascinated with my philosophy classes & the study of social patterns, work environments, family units and all the issues that we confront in society today. When you view my paintings you will notice larger geometric shapes filled with its own like patterns, symbols or shapes with a few of these patterns venturing out of the larger shape. This is how I represent the comfort level of people and how they cluster in their comfort zones of like people and like situations in life.

I start my paintings without a sketch or idea of what I will create on the canvas.
The only thing I decide beforehand is my color palette of acrylic paints. But even then I add on or adjust as I go along. For some reason I work best without much of a clue to what comes next until I get there. My representational abstracts have a little more planning but not much more. It works for me and I hope for you too, as the viewer.