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Your Opinion Is Needed, What Do You Think? New Paintings to Share..

Hi Art Lovers & Supporters,

I know it has been awhile (Sorry) since I posted but sometimes you have to step back and analyze where you have been and where you want to go.  The artist field is going through a transition.  The influencers are saying that fine artists should do more of their own marketing.  There are fewer galleries still available to represent us many more artists so we must try to sell our work by ourselves. That takes time to research, a learning curve and money!  YIKES!!

And, recently I decided to create products with sections of my art painting images on them so that more people would have the ability to carry art with them throughout their day.  Art has a soothing result on many people so carrying a favorite image on their daily, favorite items could have a profound. I’m toying with the idea of allowing clients interested in a certain section of a particular painting of their choice to order a product that I carry with that selected section designed on it.  But they have to realize that that will take a little additional time for delivery but it will be worth it I think.  Let me know what you think about art on products. Since I will be trying to open a shop soon,  Please…I need the feedback.  I have a lot of designs that I could create with but here are just a couple things I have been toying with:


I also want to share some new paintings:

This is a series called Crazy Daze.  They are 12″ X 12″ X 1.5 each • Acrylic/MM on Canvas.
From Left to Right:  Crazy Daze 1, Crazy Daze 2, Crazy Daze 3

Visit my
website to see some other new paintings in the different categories: Abstracts, Abstract Smalls, Floral Paintings and Figurative Paintings. New Paintings in all those categories so pick one and go to town!

Artists Need Feedback! Are you giving artists some feedback? And if not, why not? I would be interested in your views on my work and ideas.  Don’t worry…you won’t hurt my feelings and I rely on YOU.

Thank your for your continued support and while you are here, if you would add your name to my mailing list so I can keep you informed, I would greatly appreciate it.

Does the Name of a Painting Have Any Significance To You?

Artists have been naming their paintings for a long time.
Some just label them untitled and number them and leave it at that.

A Most Difficult Task . . .
I find that it is one of the most difficult things I have to do for my non-representational, abstract paintings when they are finished.  Looking at it for a long time, pondering different words that I associate with the painting, I finally arrive at a name that means something to me but will it mean something to you.

But does the name of a painting have any  significance or is it meaningful to the viewers?
And should the artist give any thought to whether it might have any meaning for the viewer or buyer, as long as, the viewer finds their own special meaning in the painting itself?  It would be helpful for artists to know what you think.

What would you  NAME THIS PAINTING?
The painting below is a new painting I just finished and I would like to test this out.  It has not been professionally photographed yet but I am having a harder  time then usual coming up with what to name it.

Please comment in the reply section if you have any name suggestions for my painting and help me out.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions and I will announce your name and website if I use your name.  It will be interesting to see what your vision or interpretation of the painting is.  And if we are on the same wave length.

Participate in the poll below to give your opinion about whether a name is an important component of an art piece.  The results will be posted and you can look up the results yourself.

If you are interested in more articles about art in general or my painting experiences in particular, join my blog or sign up for my quarterly newsletter. Please go to my website to view more paintings.  Thanks for your participation.

QueenCharlotteCrossroadsSmMy painting, “Queen Charlotte” that I painted several years ago as a commission for Crossroads Charlotte, was chosen in a “Call for Artists” by the Charlotte Business Journal to appear on the cover of their “Book of Lists 2013”. The “Book of Lists” is a yearly magazine that lists the industries and businesses in Charlotte and is given out during the coming year to current and new subscribers.

Queen Charlotte is holding a plant container with flowers inside representing government, education, business and religious organizations working and growing together in Charlotte.

The Charlotte Business Journal will hold a private reception at the Knight Gallery on December 12 that the artists are invited to and can display their art that was chosen for the magazine.

I was chosen last year for my “Camden Scene” to begin the section for Healthcare section in the Book of Lists 2012″.  I am honored to grace the cover this year.  To view more of my work please go to my website.  Also look at the events/news section to read about the 3 exhibitions I am juried into for the current month and into January 2014.  Thanks to all of my supporters.

New Work on Site

November and December were very productive months for painting in my studio and I have added 11 new abstract paintings on my website so far in the last several weeks.  I will show several here and list the others by name and give links for you to go and view at your pleasure.

In the Reeds

This painting: “In the Reeds”, is 12″ X 12″ and is acrylic/mixed media on canvas.  $425 + S & H       View on website.


This painting:Stops Along the Way
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas  12″ X 12″,
$425 + S & H  View on Website.


This painting:Creative Hand
Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas, 12″ X 12″,
$425 + S & H  View on Website.

Other New Paintings
Under Portfolio and Abstract Paintings on my website:
Losing Your Way, 24″ X 18″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $1,100
Where To Settle, 24″ X 18″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $1,100
Going From Place to Place, 24″ X 18″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $1,100
Going Places, 24″ X 18″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $1,100
Under Portfolio and Abstract Smalls on my website:
Star 1, 12″ X 12″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $425
Star 2, 12″ X 12″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $425
What Goes Around, 12″ X 12″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $425
Going Around in Circles, 12″ X 12″, Acrylic/MM on canvas, $425

If you have any questions, please contact me through my website for additional information.  I have 4 other paintings that are in the process of being finished or being photographed and will be added to the website soon.  Thank you for your continued interest in my work.

A December for Me to Remember – A Monthly Review

December has been an exciting month for me.
Below are some of the highlights:

1.  I am proud to say that “Stage Fright”,  my Bearden-inspired collage, (see my previous post below) was chosen to hang at The Mint Museum Uptown during the Romare Bearden Southern Recollections Exhibit with the other winners of that contest.  It will be on display from Dec. 15, 2011 – Jan. 8, 2012.  Don’t miss this wonderful exhibit.

2.  I am also the proud recipient of an Arts and Science Council (ASC) 2012 Regional Artist Project Grant for $2,000. This project was made possible through the support of the North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency, the Blumenthal Endowment, and the arts councils in Cabarrus, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Rutherford, and York (SC) counties.   More on my art project in future posts.

3.   Durham Art Guild‘s 57th Annual Member Juried Art Show with guest juror, Linda Dougherty, Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Art, NC Museum of Art.
My image, (at left) Blue Lady with Beads, 30″ X 24″, acrylic/mixed media on canvas was juried into the show.
Where:  DAG’s SunTrust Gallery (120 Morris St.)
Dates: Friday, December 2, 2011 – Sunday, January 8,      2012  •  Artists’ Reception: Friday, December 16, 5-7pm
Location: 120 Morris St., Durham, NC 27701
Contact: Phone: +1 (919) 560-

4.  Publicity:  Xanadu Gallery Catalog, Xanadu website and facebook page: my painting “Nucleii”, 30″ X 24″, acrylic/mixed media on canvas
Studio Visit Magazine, Vol. 15, my painting, “Birds Nest on Chair”, 24″ X 30″, acrylic/mixed media on canvas

5.  I have some new work on my website for your viewing.  Have a look and let me know any comments you have about these new paintings.
(Left image) “Directional Hand 2”, 24″ X 18″, acrylic/mixed media on canvas