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“Do They All Lead to the Same Place?”
Aren’t we all challenged with this question more then we want to be?
Decisions, decisions, decisions…
I know one decision that you can’t go wrong making. Guarantee it will enrich your life.

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Do They All Lead To The Same Place_

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Your Opinion Is Needed, What Do You Think? New Paintings to Share..

Hi Art Lovers & Supporters,

I know it has been awhile (Sorry) since I posted but sometimes you have to step back and analyze where you have been and where you want to go.  The artist field is going through a transition.  The influencers are saying that fine artists should do more of their own marketing.  There are fewer galleries still available to represent us many more artists so we must try to sell our work by ourselves. That takes time to research, a learning curve and money!  YIKES!!

And, recently I decided to create products with sections of my art painting images on them so that more people would have the ability to carry art with them throughout their day.  Art has a soothing result on many people so carrying a favorite image on their daily, favorite items could have a profound. I’m toying with the idea of allowing clients interested in a certain section of a particular painting of their choice to order a product that I carry with that selected section designed on it.  But they have to realize that that will take a little additional time for delivery but it will be worth it I think.  Let me know what you think about art on products. Since I will be trying to open a shop soon,  Please…I need the feedback.  I have a lot of designs that I could create with but here are just a couple things I have been toying with:


I also want to share some new paintings:

This is a series called Crazy Daze.  They are 12″ X 12″ X 1.5 each • Acrylic/MM on Canvas.
From Left to Right:  Crazy Daze 1, Crazy Daze 2, Crazy Daze 3

Visit my
website to see some other new paintings in the different categories: Abstracts, Abstract Smalls, Floral Paintings and Figurative Paintings. New Paintings in all those categories so pick one and go to town!

Artists Need Feedback! Are you giving artists some feedback? And if not, why not? I would be interested in your views on my work and ideas.  Don’t worry…you won’t hurt my feelings and I rely on YOU.

Thank your for your continued support and while you are here, if you would add your name to my mailing list so I can keep you informed, I would greatly appreciate it.

Solo Exhibition • Oct. 3-31 • City Hall Rotunda Gallery

Nucleii 2If you are looking for “Bright, Bold, Colorful, Flat, Semi-Abstract to Abstract, Stylized, Contemporary Paintings in Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas” than you are invited into the world of art belonging to Joyce Wynes at her Solo Exhibition.

Joyce Wynes will present her paintings at a Solo Exhibition at the City Hall Rotunda Gallery, Rock Hill, SC, that will run from October 3-31, 2011. The Art Council of York County is sponsoring the exhibit. The gallery is open and free to the public Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm. There will be 2 “Meet the Artist” sessions: Friday, October 7, 12 – 2 pm and Friday, October 21, 12 – 2 pm. Muse Fest, a 3-day indoor/outdoor celebration of the Arts, will also be taking place October 20-23 in that same area of (Old Town) Rock Hill, SC where the Wynes’s exhibition and “Meet the Artist” session is taking place on Friday, October 21.

Wynes’s work is recognized for its highly evolved style – combining bold, vibrant, stylized compositions with her own unique perspective. Her paintings are highly personalized, internalized images that have a deep connection to her life experiences. The images she creates are symbolic to events and interests that have shaped her life. As a quilter, she developed an avid interest in patterns, shapes, color combinations and designing these elements in a way that worked together in groups. Distilling the subject of each painting into its simplest elements, as one would in creating a quilt, she then [re]forms the images to provoke an emotional and creative response for both herself and the viewer.

Joyce Wynes has exhibited her acrylic paintings in numerous group and solo, juried shows in galleries and museums in New York, California, North Carolina and South Carolina. Her paintings have been included in museum juried shows in San Bernardino County Museum, San Bernardino, CA; Cayuga Museum of History and Art located in Auburn, NY; and Fayetteville Museum of Art, Fayetteville, NC She was the recipient of 1st place awards in juried shows to include WFAE’s Radiovision Juried Exhbition in Charlotte, NC and Cayuga Museum of History and Art’s 12 County Juried Show (in Auburn, NY). Currently she is being represented by a gallery located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and her paintings can be purchased in several high-end, retail shops regionally including Charlotte, NC.

The City Hall Rotunda Gallery located at 155 Johnston Street, Rock Hill, SC, will feature Wynes’s paintings from October 3-31, 2011. The gallery is open and free to the public Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm. For any information about purchasing the paintings shown in the exhibit, please contact the artist or the sponsoring organization, Art Council of York County at their website or phone 803.328.2787.

For more information about the artist, go to to view her website. Her blog is