“Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does MY Garden Grow?”

With fantasy flowers, and mystical powers,
And bold, colorful shapes, all in a row.

My 2nd passion is gardening, my 1st my painting. I might not be a poet but I am a gardener. While I paint other categories of paintings (Hands, Figurative, Non-representative abstracts), when Spring rolls around, flowers seem to be on my mind.

It is Spring now and Winter in North Carolina has outlived it’s welcome and has been hesitant to leave us.  The daffodils are up, the birds are singing and I am happily digging in the dirt again.  It is so lovely seeing all those green shoots popping out of the earth.

Gardening teaches me about growth, the circle of life and the boldness and fragility of life and death. My painted flower images are an expression of that knowledge.  It is so therapeutic to create a live garden painting that grows in front of you without any tools but a shovel, some seeds, fertilizer and water.  That is what is so great about my passions; I can combine them into a real life image that only lasts for the duration of the season or one on canvas that lasts forever.

But instead of copying what Mother Nature gives me for my gardening efforts, I take those shapes and colors and turn them into my fantasy flowers.  Flowers that take shape in my imagination.

Bunches of Flowers:


Or Cut Flowers in Vases:



Why can’t Black-eyed Susans be red?  And why can’t flowers be square? No reason really except for those who expect reality.  As a person and artist, I always felt that reality was there for us to learn from and go beyond, using our imagination to create something that inspires thinking.  Look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  The items that they invented were not part of our reality before they invented them.

My flower paintings may never be a reality but they might inspire someone, somewhere to do something different with their imagination or they just might recall memories, pleasant memories, for the collector of my pieces.  They might inspire you to pick up a brush or to garden and find the relaxing and therapeutic quality of the venture.

Every year I recreate my garden so that it never looks the same from year to year. I transplant my plantings around the yard in different arrangements.  It works for me.  One thing I always do though is have something blooming year round.  It gives me something to look forward to each season of the year.

Some photo arrangements of my back yard several years ago:




This next photo is part of the front yard where these mums grow in all their splendor in every spot in the front in late Fall. It really is spectacular.  Like a last hurrah before Winter comes.

I hope you enjoyed my garden photos.  I will put more up this summer as my garden explodes.

Do you like to garden and what does it do for you? 

Do you like flowers or the therapy that comes with the process? 

What about my fantasy flowers?  What do they do for you, if anything?


I would love to hear your thoughts.  Please take a moment to comment or give me your suggestions and advice.

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